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Those Who Would Pervert Grace: Jude 3-7

As Pastor Croyts reminds us, “The church is more at risk from preachers and teachers… than from atheists and Satanists.” Because as Jude tells us, false teachers in the church are much more difficult to recognize – they slip in unaware.

Heresy in the church is not a modern invention, it can be traced back to the very beginning of Christianity, and Jude speaks clearly to this issue.

Sandwiched between Jude’s gracious greeting and benediction are some of the Bible’s most scathing words against false teachers, who creep into a congregation unnoticed, and promote falsehood. These individuals may seem benign, but actually “pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Listen as Pastor Croyts reminds us to heed Jude’s warnings.

YOUVERSION: Read Jude 3-7


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