"Delighting in, displaying and declaring the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ"

The Sinless One… Who Became Sin – 2 Corinthians 5:14-21

This is the first message a new series called “The Gospel Changes Everything,” and Pastor Croyts begins in 2 Corinthians 5. Listen as Pastor Croyts breaks down this familiar gospel passage, explaining how at the cross Christ became our sin – in order to save us from it.

An excerpt:

“He took our sins. This is the only way he cannot count your trespasses against you. He became sin. He became the most vile and disgusting thing to God in that moment. He embraced it all.  And we see there what God will do to sinners. We see God’s hatred toward sin. We see how sin will be dealt with and punished, and that there is a wrath that God has toward sin. What happened on the cross is a public display of God’s hatred and wrath toward mankind in their sin and their rebellion. And if God’s wrath and hatred toward sin looks like that even when its His own son, what chance do you and I have when we are standing before God on our own?”

The most amazing truth of the gospel, is that Christ stood in our place, and we don’t have to stand on our own.

 YOUVERSION: Read 2 Corinathians 5:14-21


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